Yoga is much more than just a physical workout : yoga aims at mental, emotional
as well as Spiritual well bring.

This Yoga class in Pune Conducts classes that mainly concentrate on Psychotherapy Prannayam , mediation .

Anandi Yog also have Methodology Counseling, Psychological Assessment if Needed. They have created program for bith parents and children.

Neelima Bendre Practising Clinical Psychologist from last 25 years and Sanjiv Bendre Yoga Teacher from last 10 years.

To deal with children problems both Eastern and Western Science Will be Applied.

Saturday Sunday Yoga class For Working Class To learn Essence of Yoga.

Sanjiv.P.Bendre , 43/22 Navshayadri, Pune 411052.
Contact :- 9325828688 / 9881208155
WhatsApp contact :- 9420322950


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